Qinghai Measuring & Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Micro measuring Technology Co., Ltd.
Group Company Brief

 Qinghai Measuring & Cutting Tools Group Company, comprised of Qinghai Measuring & Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., Qinghai Micro Measuring Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Micro Technology Co., Ltd., was the first manufacturer of micrometers in China. Thanks to the warm and strong support of you and our customers, we have grown to become a leading enterprise in precision measurement and the largest manufacturer of ?micrometers in China. Here you can find any micrometers you want in precision measurement. Besides micrometers we also supply calipers, dial indicators, measuring instruments and other measuring tools as well as cutting tools.

Just as our brand QLR, "Quality Life Reputation" is our principle. We have a highly reliable quality management and quality assurance system. We achieved ISO 9001 Certification in 1996. All of our products are produced strictly in accordance with ISO Standard and DIN Standard. The quality of our products is stable and accuracy is reliable. In our dictionary "CUSTOMER" means "FIRST". We always focus our eyes on the demands of you and our customers. We intend to go on devoting all of our resources for serving and supporting you. We look forward to your continuous cooperation and support. Thank you for your confidence in our products and our company.


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